data prospect%®

the innovative platform for conducting opinion research
is independent, impartial and transparent!

data prospect% is a platform that allows users to create their own opinion researchs 100% online.

Independent, we have no connection with other people or companies in one or more segments that could create a conflict of interest.
Impartial, we do not create the researchs, they are created by the users themselves, therefore all questions and answers reflect only and only the interests of the creator of the research.
Transparent, we are the only research platform that displays to the respondent at the end of the collection of answers, their choices to print or to receive by email, receiving by email, within a period of 30 days, it is possible to verify that the answers are recorded and unchanged.

The surveys do not have a personal or telematic approach, they are carried out through questionnaires created within this platform entirely by the users and are accessed through a link, which must be forwarded to contacts, leads, prospects and customers, for completion.

Self answer

There is no human intervention, there is no error in filling out the answers. After answering, you can check, go back and correct if necessary.

Any device

data prospect% it is accessible on any device: desktop, notebook, tablet or cell phone. Accessed the survey, just answer by selecting the options.

total acces to all answers and data

At the end of collecting responses, the results are tabulated by our platform. A copy of all data is made available to the research creator.

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