How it works

How to create your own opinion reserch

What is the data prospect% platform?

data prospect% is a web platform, that is, a system that works exclusively on the internet, allowing people and companies to create their own researchs, with the purpose of evaluating consumer opinions, followers on social networks, market potential for products or services, analyze prospects, select locations, evaluate type of public, etc.

Steps for creating the research

a) Select the scope (national, state or municipal).
b) Provide a title for the survey.
c) Limit or not the maximum number of questionnaires to be filled d) Provide a description so that respondents (people who will answer the questionnaires) have an idea of the purpose of the research.
e) Limit a date for the beginning and end (it will be possible to announce the beginning in advance and alert for the end of the collection of responses).
f) Select the sociocultural, religious and economic classifications you want, which should be informed by the respondents to segment the answers.
g) Create the questions and the various answers for each of them.

At the end, the survey will be recorded and a link will be generated to broadcast it on social networks and other channels, inviting people to respond to the research.

Responding to the survey

a) After accessing the link to the questionnaire, the first step is the selection of the sociocultural, religious and economic classifications that were determined by the creator of the research among the options: race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, education, age group , income, religion, occupation, type of job, special needs and food, housing and type of property. For political-electoral researchs, the number of voters in the municipalities, sex and age range, economic situation, education, etc.
b) Next, the created questions and their possible answers will be presented one by one.
c) After answering the last question, the respondent will be presented with a screen showing their answers. If you are interested in changing it, just go back and change it. It is also possible to go back and start over
d) Respondents, if they wish, can receive a protocol with their responses by email, as well as a link so that, within 30 days, they can access the response record. To do so, simply inform the e-mail address to which the protocol will be sent. NOTE: The email will not be recorded by the platform.
e) Respondents, if they so wish, can leave their e-mail on record to receive invitations to respond to other researchs from the same client. NOTE: The email will be sent to the research creator but will not be linked to your research response.
f) Once the answers are confirmed and the form is saved, the respondent will be presented with a protocol with their choices to print and keep.
g) Once the research is completed, based on the maximum number of respondents or the specified period of time, the client will access data from all completed questionnaires and will have access to the complete report with all general statistical data, by location, by question and by each of the profiles selected by the respondents.

How data prospect% charges for using the platform

data prospect% does not charge for creating surveys, but for the number of questionnaires answered. IMPORTANT: One person cannot answer the same research twice. This is why a research customer can limit the maximum number of questionnaires to be completed and the date for the collection to end. Response collection ends as soon as one of two thresholds is reached, the Number of Completed researchs or the end date. NOTE: it is possible to end a research at any time, regardless of the determined time interval or the number of completed questionnaires.


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